Easily reach employees in the home office through various communication channels?

In the current extraordinary situation, teams are being decentralized and home offices are being arranged. But how are employees reliably informed in such emergency situations and via which channel? Do not lose any time. Our various IMASYS solutions support you in mobilising and informing the right people via SMS and other communication channels:

IMASYS Alert is an alerting and communication solution for crisis teams, emergency groups and on-call teams. With the reliable and well-proven cloud solution you can reach employees quickly and easily via sms, voice messages or app. On the other hand, in crisis situations, all relevant and important participants of a taksforce or crisis team can be informed, alerted and mobilized. With the "come/do not come" function you always know who has acknowledged the alarm positively.

Whether alerting or informing: Make sure that you reach all necessary persons quickly and reliably via the right channel. Whether SMS, voice messages or decentralised app operation - IMASYS gives you the necessary security to mobilise resources quickly and easily, escalation included.

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About Swissphone Wireless AG

About Swissphone

The Swissphone Group is a leading solution provider, that designs, develops and manufactures the most secure and reliable alerting and critical messaging solutions. Our core business is reliably transmitting information to responsible personnel, be it for alerting, notification, searching or informing. Our solutions cover the entire alerting chain from triggering, managing, and distributing, to escalating and reporting alarms.

Our mission is to help to protect lives and properties. We aim for optimum customer centricity and innovation leadership, delivering solutions of the highest quality with total reliability. We serve public safety organizations, emergency and health care services, facility management and IT services, as well as manufacturing and oil & gas industries.

Swissphone was founded in 1969 by Helmut and Erika Kochler. The company with 200 employees has a prominent market presence with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, France and in the USA, as well as a growing network of international partners. The corporate headquarters and the production site are located in Samstagern in Switzerland near Zurich.

Swissphone Wireless AG
Fälmisstrasse 21
CH-8833 Samstagern