s.QUAD Voice: Best in Class

Swissphone developed a new s.QUAD Voice pager called s.QUAD Voice 360 which has a rotary knob that controls volume and switches between alerting modes. As with the normal s.QUAD Voice, the s.QUAD Voice 360 can be upgraded by a firmware update to a digital paging receiver (POCSAG), or it can work in both modes in parallel as a single device.


The table compares the essential performance characteristics of the most current pagers available in the US. It indicates that the s.QUAD Voice is best when it comes to:

  • Extremely Robust: Protection class and drop test, providing the ruggedness and quality for it to last.
  • Best Reception, allowing you to extend the coverage of your network.
  • Loudest of them all, making this device among the loudest in the world.
  • Multi-color alert, its multi-colored alarm LED allows recognizing an alarm even in mute mode.
  • Longest Battery Life of up to a week (160 hours) with an ordinary AA (R6) battery.
  • Size and weight, providing a design that is comfortable for any user to wear


«My repair costs have dropped 97%»


Its outstanding quality makes the s.QUAD Voice the ideal pager for fire chiefs looking for a robust low-maintenance product. Monitor Township, FD, Bay City, MI has been using the s.QUAD Voice pager from Swissphone since 2015. Fire Chief John Kramer talks about his experiences so far:

“We used the Motorola Minitor IV’s and V’s for years. There is no comparison when it comes to the quality and dependability of the s.QUAD. The biggest difference is the area of coverage is greater and there is no static when activated. I actually get my pages outside of my Case Study "Why You Should Choose Swissphone’s Tone & Voice Pagers" county which, with the old pagers, I was lucky to get inside my Township. The other issue is reperations. The old Minitors were always breaking down and had to be sent in and the cost was astronomical. My budget for the year was always used up three months into the year. With the s.QUAD I do not have this problem and my replacement costs and repair costs have dropped 97% since moving to this pager.”


For more information, please see our whitepaper.

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