s.QUAD ATEX and s.QUAD Voice ATEX - Digital and analogue pagers for Ex zones

With the s. QUAD ATEX and the s. QUAD Voice ATEX, Swissphone Wireless AG developed state-of the-art pagers that are approved for use in hazardous areas. The ATEX-certified receivers are characterised by excellent reception, robust design and simple operation.

Reliable alerting of personnel plays a crucial role in potentially explosive areas such as chemical factories, tank storage facilities and oil and gas industry plants. However, conventional devices cannot be applied in this case because the complete equipment has to meet the relevant explosion protection requirements and must be correspondingly certified.

Best reception, highest comfort

Swissphone developed the s. QUAD ATEX for this application profile. It offers all the benefits of the modern s.QUAD range: "Best in class" reception (sensitivity 2.5 µV/m), a loud and reliable alarm with up to 95 dB at a distance of 30cm, intuitive operation and suitability for harsh environmental conditions with shocks, dust and splash water. The mechanically robust but very flat sandwich construction guarantees an unrivaled wearing comfort.

Analogue today, digital tomorrow?

With the s. QUAD ATEX Voice, Swissphone developed a modern and future-proof pager for analogue networks – it can be used to listen to high-quality voice messages. In the same frequency band, it can be easily integrated into a digital network (POCSAG) or converted to a digital pager by means of a firmware update. Both s. QUAD ATEX models are approved and certified according to the ATEX directive for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres of zone 1. Which means that the pager can even be used in the most sensitive zones without any risk. (Approval: II 2G Ex ib IIC T4)

Comprehensive options

As with the non-ATEX certified models, the user of the s. QUAD ATEX series can enter 64 call addresses with up to 4 sub addresses each (i. e: 256 independent alarm addresses). Up to 64 select as well as toggle profiles are available. The alarm is triggered acoustically and optically via a multicoloured LED. The s. Quad ATEX can be adapted to the individual application and user behavior by means of a wide range of accessories. The offer includes bags, charger, alarm lamps, and chains. The ATEX-certified pager is part of the overall solutions developed by Swissphone for alerting in potentially explosive atmospheres. These solutions also include the radio coverage of large factory sites and the integration of third-party systems such as fire alarm systems into an ATEX-compliant alarm network. 

About Swissphone Wireless AG

About Swissphone

The Swissphone Group is a leading solution provider, that designs, develops and manufactures the most secure and reliable alerting and critical messaging solutions. Our core business is reliably transmitting information to responsible personnel, be it for alerting, notification, searching or informing. Our solutions cover the entire alerting chain from triggering, managing, and distributing, to escalating and reporting alarms.

Our mission is to help to protect lives and properties. We aim for optimum customer centricity and innovation leadership, delivering solutions of the highest quality with total reliability. We serve public safety organizations, emergency and health care services, facility management and IT services, as well as manufacturing and oil & gas industries.

Swissphone was founded in 1969 by Helmut and Erika Kochler. The company with 200 employees has a prominent market presence with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, France and in the USA, as well as a growing network of international partners. The corporate headquarters and the production site are located in Samstagern in Switzerland near Zurich.

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